Intelligent Traffic Systems

LED Lane Light Maker System

LED lane light maker are special design for dynamic delineation, lane guidance, speed control, usual warning of accident black spot and crosswalk warning.Feature
Green Age LED lane light marker utilities intelligent & multifunction controller system to control the flashing rate and brightness to suit current sunlight condition and traffic requirements. LED lane light marker combine robust-ultra low profile design with optimum photometric parameters and low power consumption LED, comes with automatic-light compensation in case of partial LED failure. The system can be integrated with other systems such as weather or traffic monitoring.

Traffic Pedestrian Crossing Light System

The marker will be lighted when traffic is red to provide a better awareness to the motorist. Build in adjustable dimmer / flashing speed to suit the site surrounding environment.Alternative Power Source
Green Age LED lane light marker system and Traffic Pedestrian Crossing System can be used with either AC power supply, can be tapped from the nearest power supply source or DC power supply, powered by solar modular and backup battery pack system.Benefits

  • To increase safety at pedestrian crossing
  • To control the driving speed in the safe distance
  • To provide a clear visibility for motorist and protect pedestrian

LED Tunnel Light System

LED Tunnel Guidance system typically placed along the tunnel curve road, road pavement to direct drivers at an effective distance.Benefits

  • Prevent side wall crash through effective LED guide
  • Visible 500 meters, clear and bright, all weather conditions
  • Effective signal to motorists on accident area and to provide safe lane traveling
  • Effective safe distance driving guide

Solar Powered Flood Detector

Green Age Flood Detector System is designed to be Solar Powered without the need for a conventional power supply to detect rising water level, the built-in stove light will turn on and alarm triggered once flood is detect. The GSM transmission will send information to the owner informing the flood status of the site in a real time.This system can be integrated with LED display board to inform / warning motorist entering to the flood area.Benefits

  • To give local authorities some time to clean and clear the flooded area and control traffic flow
  • Prevents the motorist drive through the flood area avoid vehicle damage

Cable Theft Alert System

Green Age offers advance anti thief solution for cable by thief or other factors such as accidents or natural disasters such as earth- quake damage or flood damage.This system automatically detects, locates and pinpoints the exact location of the affected cable theft, while informing the owner/operators simultaneously for immediate action.The system send alert on cable disruption through GSM network to monitoring station, enabling quicker response and action with personnel/operator knowing the exact location of disruption.

Being able to operate remotely its is great solution for cost savings on hardware and etc.A Sophisticated solution to reduce risk on cable thefts and disruption


Solar Powered Speed Detector


  • Green led when speed less than limit speed, Red led when over limit speed
  • 25 years Mono crystaline silicon, life 20 years
  • 5 years life Lead-acid battery
  • K-band radar brand
  • 30°C-80°C temperature condition


  • LED display size: L630*h360mm
  • Radar test distance 200m
  • Flashing mode: When catch speed, led blink for 3 seconds, then turn off.
solar powered speed detector