Solar Hi Powered LED Street Lighting

Green Age solar powered LED Streetlight is a system to power streetlight by using the sun to provide electricity instead of the traditional way of using power station to light up streetlights. Its basically works on the light conversation principle of using direct sunlight to convert into electricity. By storing the electricity generated in batteries, together with an intelligent charge regulator, the Solar Powered LED Streetlight can be mounted into any existing pole for immediate operation.

Green Age Solar Powered LED Streetlight consist of the followings :

  • Solar Panel
  • Solar Batteries
  • Solar Charge Controller
  • LED Lamps

Green Age solar Powered LED streetlight systems today are better designed, more efficient and cost effective. With the overall cost of solar panel prices falling, and with increased government and consumer awareness of the usefulness of solar powered system, we hope to achieve an enviromentally sound place to live in.


  • Highways, Road Intersection & Etc
  • Street, Housing Estate, Main Entrace, Bridge & Etc
  • Remote Lighting, Security Recreation, Parking Lots, Warehouse Lighting, Rest Area Lighting & Etc
  • Compound Lighting, Park Lighting & Etc
  • Garden Lighting, Decorative Lighting & Etc
Solar-Hi-Powered-LED-lighting Solar Hi Powered LED Street Lighting
Model : Sol 75
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